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Just My Thoughts...4/19/2016

Just some thoughts....Have ya ever wondered about "modern soulmates"...are there any that come to mind that ya think could be soulmates ? Any "regular people" that you know ? I think I've seen some couples at my moms nursing home that could fit the bill...

Because I'm "old" I thought of George Burns and Gracie Allen...also Jimmie Stewart and his wife ... Michael Hurst and Jennifer ?

Just my thoughts..

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Just My Thoughts...4/17/2016

Ya know I was just thinking...

"Xena To Be Lesbian In New Series" or "Subtext To Be More Maintext In New Xena Series" or "Soulmates Reunited In New Xena Series"

Have ya noticed the "attention catching" titles on some of the recent articles on the reboot ?

What catches the average readers eye more..."Lesbian"..."Maintext" or..."Soulmate" ?

All I'm sayin' is "sex sells"...and these articles are attempting to sell the new series...

So lets just chill out a bit ... I'm sure TPTB know that their audience is diverse in there beliefs as to the nature of Xena and Gabrielle's relationship...why would they want to alienate parts of their audience ?

No, it is not going to be the same series we watched...but I really think we are falling victim to some of these headlines...Just My Thoughts...

PS...some people think the don't care about the fans (which may be true), but they do care about $$$$$$$.

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