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You Can Go Home Again - Chapter 3

Posted by carpechakram on August 13, 2009 at 9:11 AM

Chapter 3




A gentle breeze ,the cool shadow of the sun sinking as Apollo completed his daily journey across the sky and the feeling of warm lips nibbling on her neck led Gabrielle out of Morpheus's realm... soft warm lips?soft warm large lips?with teeth?really big teeth.


Instantly awake, she zeroed in on one thought. I'm going to be something?s dinner.

She quickly sat up, fell off the bench, and found herself looking into the most

beautiful eyes she had ever seen?big, soft, brown eyes (had ya goin there didn't I)


It's a horse! Just like the ones in the vids and books she'd devoured on board ship.

A big beautiful golden horse. She got to her feet, and reached out to touch the

the animal's nose? so soft, she thought, you're a beautiful boy?...girl? She knelt

for a quick peek. Ah?a beautiful girl. She almost thought she saw the horse nod and

smile at her.


A clearing of the throat brought Gabrielle back to reality?the reality of Mistress

D'Anna standing over her


"Ms DeBard, I presume."


"Um, yes Mam?ah Mistress D'Anna?Mistress D'Anna mMam?ah your Majesty.", the young woman sputtered.

young woman sputtered.


"Is your Ancient Greek any more fluent than your Earth English?", the tall woman asked.


"Yes mam, Mistress D'Anna, Mistress D'Anna Mam, your Majesty?it is."


"Mistress D'Anna will be fine Ms DeBard."


Well, here goes nothing, Gabrielle thought. "Gabrielle will be fine with me, Mistress."


D'Anna continued to just stare at the girl, before giving her a curt nod, and a raised eye brow.


Mistress, "Is this your horse?"


"No Ms DeBa?.Gabrielle. It just showed up here this morning."


"Oh", said the young woman. "Do you think we can take care of her until her owner shows up?"


"YOU", may take care of her Gabrielle.


"Thank you" she replied.


"Gabrielle." "Yes Mistress." "Join me for supper around six."


"I'd love to Mistress. What time is it now? I've been practicing using the sun

to tell time. It's not too bad, except when it's cloudy."


Unbuckling her watch, D'Anna gave it to Gabrielle. "Here take mine."

"I've got a couple of more, and you've got two weeks to practice with the sun."


Gabrielle looked at the watch as the white gloved hand moved steadily around

the mouse ears, and could think of nothing to say.


Slowly her brain clicked into gear. "Thank you, Mistress.

This is a very lovely watch. I'll see you six then?"


"Yes, Gabrielle, six it is. Oh and take that tent over there. There's a cot and some other

furniture to make you fairly comfortable."


Still staring at the Mickey Mouse watch, Gabrielle picked up her kit and headed for her new home.



To Be Continued..


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