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You Can go Home Again Chapter 1

Posted by carpechakram on July 6, 2009 at 8:12 PM

                You Can Go Home Again - Part 1


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You Can Go Home Again by Carpe Chakram Part 1


DISCLAIMER: I don't own Xena, Gabrielle, DAnna or any of the other folks from Xena Warrior Princess or Battle Star Galactica. Actually they were just made up in my small pea brain....right...and Joxer really is mighty!!This first installment is pretty tame but if ya like this, I just might spice up the next one




It had been six months since the Human-Cylon combined forces had reached Earth and an uneasy alliance had come into existence. Now that Humans and Cylons had finally realized their dream of coming back to Earth, neither party was quite sure what to do with it.

Each of the two races had come to dream of Earth in different ways. Some wanted to live in cities or small towns, others turned to farming and raising livestock, becoming one with the land they prayed they would one day call theirs. Others wanted to use Earth as a jumping off place, heading back into space for more adventures, but the most controversial of groups were those who wished to form ancient colonies, and live like ancient Earth civilizations. People laughed behind their backs, and sometimes to their faces, but nothing could deter this group. They had strong backs, romantic dreams, and vivid imaginations.

Each of these colonies would be governed jointly by a Human and a Cylon leader.



                                   Chapter 1




"Seems like I've been here before, can't remember when. I get this funny feeling, we'll be together once again. No straight lines make up my life, all my roads have bends...No clear cut beginnings.. so far, no dead ends...Tom Chapin."



Frak! Frack! Frak! Why did I do something this stupid ? (Sorry mom and dad.) Couldn't leave well enough alone, could I? Nice 21st century life, three squares a day, transcribing memos at Consortium Headquarters, and I had to go Frak it up. (Sorry again mom and dad.)

The small blond woman paced back and forth at the end of the well paved road...before her nothing but a wide dirt path. She stopped and straddled the road and path,one foot in the 21st century, and the other foot (Frak again!) in the Ancient Greek Colony. Pwaise Hestia!!! What have I gotten myself into ?



Two weeks earlier



Frak! Frak! Frak! (Gods, I love that word.) Why did I do something this stupid? Nice 21st century life, three squares a day, problem solving for the Cylon-Human Consortium, and I had to go and frak it up (Gods, I really do love that word.) I mean, that guy was trying to pick that old Human's pocket. All I did was grab him by the neck. Heck it was more of a pinch than a grab and then he couldn't breathe, and his nose was bleeding, and 30 seconds later he was toast!

And now after three months of anger management counseling, , I'm being sent to co-govern one of those ancient colonies. TPTB told me it would help me discover my inner self (sounds like something a Human would think up.)

What do I know about ancient Greece? What have I gotten myself into?



Present day - Ancient Greek Colony


"What do you mean there's no Human available to help me run this God's forsaken colony? It's their history we're trying to relive. Have they no reguard for their past?"

The nervous Envoy from the Consortium fumbled with his notes and shakily replied,"

"I'm sorry Mistress D'Anna, but there are no candidates available. All seem to be

indispossed...very good reasons, mind you, but they are all unavailable. I'm really very sorry, but we seem to be out of luck."

Raising one eye brow she stood up from her desk. D'Anna now towered over the visably shaking Envoy. "You wouldn't happen to know why the candidates were indisposed, would you?"

"No Mistress, I'm not privy to that information. That's in the hands of TPTB, but on a brighter note, we did find you a Temporary Liason... comes from a Greek family, I believe."

Eyebrow still raised, D'Anna took a step back, and sat down.

"What is his name and when will he be coming?", she growled.

The Envoy squirmed a bit in his chair, put on his best false smile, and replied, "He is a she, and she will be here as soon as she walks from

the 21st Century Border..getting the lay of the land she said..the pulse of the people,the feeling of walking back into history.This was her idea, Mistress. We couldn't change her mind. Right stubborn little thing she was."

"Walking! Did you say walking? It's 75 miles from the border, and it's at least 90 degrees out there. If she gets here by fall, we'll be lucky.

The maps are terrible, and the villages are few, and far between."

"Well Mistress D"Anna, she really did insist, and in two weeks we'll all be doing the walking thing. If I might remind you that that's what we'll all be doing when the colony officially becomes Ancient Greece. No electricity,

no phones, computers, air conditioning, cars, modern appliances...just

like the good old days. I bet you can hardly wait." Gotcha, he thought.

Had he not valued his life, he would have loved to have had a camera to take a picture of the tall woman's face. Looks like they didn't tell that

"toaster" every little detail of ancient colonial living.

Staring off into space, D'Anna replied, "That will be all Envoy. You may go."

Minutes later a loud crash was heard coming from the headquarters tent. A dustpan and broom was soon on it's way.




To Be Continued.....







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