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Supreme Court Breakdown...

Posted by carpechakram on February 8, 2012 at 2:20 PM

The following is my breakdown of most liberal to least liberal justices on theSupreme Court.


Ginsberg: very liberal, consistently votes against the conservatives,participates in Xena Marathons, considers FIN a tresvesty,  has L Word boxed set,  attends Xena Conventions…dressed as Minya -has a Chakram as paper weight – uses scrolls for note taking.



Sotomayor: consistently votes with the progressive bloc, has all Xenaboxed sets, considers Fin a travesty, attends Xena Conventions – dressed as MissAntiphys – “liked” the Xena Movie Page on FB – reads FF instead of legal briefs– wears leathers under her robe.



Kagan: has consistently voted with the liberal bloc since joining thebench, but still fairly unproven , has Xena and Hercules boxed sets (covers allbases), and thinks Salmoneus is a the epitome of a western capitalist.



Breyer: usually votes with the liberal bloc, but has proven centrist inthe past , has Xena, Hercules, and Buffy boxed sets,  likes the “three in a bed”  from Old Ares Had A Farm (playing it safe)…attendsXena Cons in a dreamscape.



Kennedy: the swing vote; considered a conservative; sometimes votes withthe liberal faction, a real “fence sitter”, edited out all of the “subtext”onhis DVD set at home BUT watches the uncut version in his chambers…does notattend Xena Conventions…but has a summer home in New Zealand…Joxer is his hero.



Alito: consistently conservative – has pictures of Borias and Marcus onhis chamber wall …would  like Perdicus asa senate page (hmmm) – considers Gabrielle an “irritating blond) – goes to “TheWaltons” conventions.



Roberts: consistently conservative – was a Boy Scout (‘nuff said) – has picturesof Borias, Marcus, and Ares on his chamber walls – FIN is his favorite episode –voted to cut off trading with Amphipolis and Poteidia. – Herodatus is his hero.



Scalia: extremely conservative – has life sized stand-ups of Borias,Marcus, and Ares in his chambers – is convinced that Lao Ma was really North Korean,circles the “Ides of March” on his calendar – had a part in writing FIN –Remember Nothing is his favorite episode



Thomas: extremely conservative  - “XenaWho ?”…Have I ever seen her on Fox News ?”

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