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You Can Go Home Again Chapter 2

Posted by carpechakram on June 5, 2009 at 9:41 PM

                                   You Can Go Home Again  Part 2 



                                         Chapter 2


"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I  I took the one less traveled by." Robert Frost



Dirt, dust, and sun. Sun, dust, and dirt. Dust, sun, and dirt. Anyway she looked at it she was just miserable. Three days of walking from the 21st century border had been the pits. I'm not sure this was such great

idea after all, she mused. A light breeze blew against her tanned face, and her body was a shade darker because of a thin film of dust coating it.She was about ready for a break, when she heard it..water.. running water. She left the dusty path to investigate, and "Pwaise Hestia!"


She looked at her reflection in the water, and a small blond woman with hiking boots, backpack, walking stick, and a baseball cap with "I Break For Cylons" on it looked back at her.

Well I look like something the cat dragged home..a desperate cat..with poor hunting skills.

She knelt down, cupped the clear water in her hands, and brought it to her lips. As she drank, she silently thanked the Gods for this gift. After a few

more drinks, she took off her pack, and sat down to rest at the side of the pond


Closing her eyes,she let images of the last three days of her journey flash through her mind. She remembered small villages with strange names

like Cirra, Amphipolis,and...Potedeia.. Actually that Potedeia was kind of a nice town..nice people..especially that stud muffin..Perdilus? Perdius?

whatever. That guy was trying to hit on me! The nerve of some people. Though he was kind of cute. If she heard one more person say, "Yes mam,

just over the next hill." ,or you can't miss it, just a few more miles." She was

going to go midevil. Opps, wrong colony.Gotta watch that !


After resting a few more candle marks she continued her journey.

After walking a good many more miles when she was pleasantly surprised to see a crude sign along the the side of the road, written in Earth English.

"One mile to Future Sight of Ancient Greek Colonial Capital" it read, while underneath someone had scrawled.. "Read Now.. 'cause in 2 weeks it'll be Greek to you." Well, she thought, a little hellenic humor,

and even I might even be able to read it in two weeks or at least bluff my

way through the important parts. She was pleasantly surprised that upon reaching the next hill to see her destination was in site.   


The future colonial capital consisted of three tents, a crude stable, a corral, and a partially completed dwelling of some sort, all made

of crude bricks, poles, and straw. Heading for the largest tent, she could make out  a guard dressed in a Consortium uniform standing outside.

As she got closer she noticed the man had that "state your business,

and I might let you pass" look on his face. The young woman stood up as tall as she could, and looked the guard in the eye. "I'm Gabrielle DeBard, the Consortium Liason. I believe I'm expected."

Looking her over, the guard replied, "Just have a seat 'Mam, and I'll tell Mistress D'Anna that you're here."

Gabrielle nodded a thank you, took off her pack, laid down her walking stick, and sat down on a bench at the side of the entrance.


"Show her in man. It's hot out there", barked the Mistress. The guard left to retrieve the Liason, but returned in a matter of seconds. "Excuse me 'Mam", he said, "There seems to be a small problem...The might want'a have a look yourself, 'Mam.

D'Anna unfolder her tall frame from her chair, stalked past the guard, and threw open the tent flap. "See what I mean 'Mam", the guard said,

"This isn't exactlly how I left her."


There curled up on the wooden bench,fast asleep was one dusty,sweaty, Liason. The first thing to enter D'Anna's mind was, She's just a kid.

What am I going to do with a kid? This day just keeps getting better and better.

"Guard" "Yes 'Mam." "Just let her sleep."


To Be Continued...


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